About Us

The company MITHIMNA TOURS engaged in transportation of visitors and tourist traffic since 1989, having owned a new and luxurious coach by the standards of that era, raising the quality of transport and excursion times too high.

With the help primarily of professionalism that distinguishes us and the continuous growth of tourism in Lesvos, we managed a few years to gain a significant share of the pie of tourist transport in Lesvos.

Today, having in our possession an enviable fleet of four privately owned, luxury coaches and experienced professional drivers are one of the largest providers of passenger transport in Lesvos.

The bulk of our business comes from contracts we have with the largest incoming tourism organizations tourism in Lesvos leading our company to serve every year thousands of incoming passengers.

Our long presence in the area and the experiences gained have given us valuable knowledge to organize and operate the company today with a set of values and ethical principles for the transportation of passengers. Specifically we provide daily services covered by the following principles:

  • Highest priority is the safety of passengers and our employees.
  • Respect, integrity and honesty towards our passengers and colleagues.
  • The management of the environmental impact of our activities and encourage sustainable development in the transport.
  • Anticipating change and identifying better ways to meet the needs of our passengers.
  • Continuous improvement of our existing services.

In MITHIMNA TOURS proud to achieve our goals help us to provide high quality services such as:

  • Transfer service
  • Bus rental for groups
  • Excursionsfor small groups from 20 to 55 persons and any need for transfer passengers